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Housing Backlog
Housing Backlog

The following housing and services backlog were determined during the analysis phase:
Housing backlog Presently the housing backlog is estimated at the following number of erven:


In order to accommodate the housing backlog the following netto ha area is needed:

Pampierstad - 72,76ha
Hartswater - 25,44ha
Jan Kempdorp - 79,04ha
Housing Backlog - 177,24ha

During the strategy phase a detailed analysis would be provided on where this development would take place and the provision of services and erven to the relevant end beneficiaries provided.

During the analysis phase a housing problem in the rural areas were also identified with special reference to farm workers:

- ownership; and
- quality of services

2004 by Phokwane Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province (Republic of South Africa)