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(IDP) Problems
Potential Spatial/Physical Constraints & Problems

During the analysis phase the following issues were identified that could influence future development:


Although 200ha is presently available for the next 5 year development, the town is surrounded by captain's property. The traditional leaders should be approached to make land available on the long run (years 2006 2016).


Land is available for the development of the next 5 years. Layout of 600 erven on the airfield and an additional 200 erven to the south and west of Bonita Park. Hartswater is bordered by expensive irrigation properties to the north, west and south. The area to the west is vacant but the structure is extremely hard and unfit for lower income development.

Jan Kempdorp

150ha is available for development direct to the south of Jan Kempdorp up to the previous municipal boundary. Further to the south, east and north the town is bordered by agricultural land. One site to the north west could potentially be bought out. Any development further to the west of Valspan would be against the integration principle as described in Chapter 1 of the DFA.

The following problem areas need to be addressed:

  • Research and negotiations to make land available for the long term development;
  • Provision of sufficient erven and houses to address the housing backlog; and
  • The provision of sufficient bulk and internal services.
2004 by Phokwane Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province (Republic of South Africa)