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Economic Analysis
Potential Spatial/Physical Constraints & Problems

The purpose of this analysis is to become aware of economic potentials and limitations.

The following basic issues should be addressed:

  • basic economic data;
  • economic trends;
  • under utilized resources; and
  • major constraints. During the analysis phase the following issues were identified.

Payment culture by the public of Phokwane

Payment culture by the public of Phokwane Presently the economic and cash flow situation of the local authority is under pressure and should be addressed during the strategy phase while the necessary steps and precautionary measurements should be identified and implemented:

Basic employment sectors

During the analysis phase the following issues were identified. Research by the U.O.F.S. indicated the following % employment per economic sector: % Of total employment

The abovementioned table indicated that ht agricultural sector next to services provision is the largest economic activity.

The surrounding economic support system therefore is based on the agricultural sector.

Potential problems to be addressed

During the workshops, however, the following potential / opportunities were identified:

  • upgrading of the tourism industry as far as guided tours to some of the intensive farming operations / activities are concerned;
  • implementation of value to be added within the region (potential factories for local products); and
  • stimulation of the informal farming and business sector.

2004 by Phokwane Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province (Republic of South Africa)