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Do I need a license to open a business in Phokwane Area?

Before 1991, you had to apply for a license whatever the type of business you wanted to open, be it a pharmacy, florist or restaurant. However, this has changed, and you only need a license for a much more limited number of businesses.

Licensing is governed by the Business Act No 71 of 1991, which is a law made by the national government. There are no longer any by-laws regarding licenses. Schedule 1 of the Act lists the businesses for which you need a license.

Food provision

You need a license to sell or supply meals, take-aways or perishable foodstuff.

Health facilities or entertainment

You need a license for:

  • Turkish baths, saunas, health baths
  • Massage or infra-red treatment
  • Male and female escorts
  • Slot machines and electronic games
  • Snooker or billiard tables
  • Night clubs
  • Discotheque
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Adult premises
  • Game Farms
Liquor Licenses

Anyone selling liquor, be it in a tavern, ranch, pub, club, shebeen, hotel or restaurant, needs to have a liquor license. These licenses are handled by the Northern Cape Province's Liquor Board.


If you are a hawker selling food and meals, which you take from place to place or sell from a vehicle, you need to have a license.

How do I get a license?

Although licensing is covered by national laws, the granting of licenses is handled by the Phokwane Municipality Health Department. License applications can be made at the Municipal offices in your region.

You will need to fill in an Application for Issue of License (Form BL1) where you will have to give details of your kind of business and its activities, the owner's details and where the business is located. You will be given a reference number.

You may be asked to sign a letter agreeing to an extension of time for the granting of the license in the event of requirements being set by a department, e.g. Environmental Health may request certain equipment to be installed for food preparation.

2004 by Phokwane Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province (Republic of South Africa)