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2006 Municipal Elections
Your vote mandates a representative to make decisions on your behalf on important issues which affect your daily life.
Provincial Growth & Development Stategy:
Tourism, Fishing, Mining, Agriculture and Manufacturing
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It is indeed a privelage and achievement for us as Phokwne Municipality to be launching this newsletter. It should be seen as to the community by informing and educaan effort by the council to try to reach outting them of the developments taking place and operation of the municipality.

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Mr Modimogale's Biography
Mayor Monnagaratwe Modimogale was appointed in June 2005 to the Office of the Mayor of Phokwane Local Municipality. Mr Modimogale is also a Ward Councillor for Ward 2 in Pampierstad. The Mayor is a School Principal by profession and a long-time teacher in the community of Phokwane.
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Role of the Mayor's Office
The Mayor is the Municipality's Chief Executive Officer, directs town departments, and appoints the municipal manager and department heads, with the advice and consent of the Council.
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Hartswater, Jan Kempdorp
Pampierstad, Ganspan and
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