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Electricity Provision
  • 2001-2005 June R3,5m was spend to provide electricity to 5 200 households
  • Currently there’s about 5 119 households backlog
  • We will need about R9m to deal with the backlog for house connections and bulk infrastructure
Free Basic Electricity
  • All registered indigents households receive free basic electricity, the number is 4 480 households (about 22 400 people benefit)
  • Allocations 2004/05 R1,1m and 2005/06 R1,2m
Challenges: Electricity Provision
  • Coordination between the municipality and ESKOM
  • Insufficient infrastructure to roll out free basic electricity to poor households
  • Network capacity to accommodate new connections
  • Uncertainty in respect of the REDS
  • Re-evaluation of our electricity assets in preparation of the REDS

Usefull Contacts (Housing)

Electricity Technician:

Mr T Blaauw

24 Hertzog Street
Private Bag X3

Tel: (053) 474-9700
Fax: (053) 474-1768


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