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Housing Provision
  • Allocated housing units since 2001 2005 in Phokwane Municipality:

    Pampierstad 1150
    Hartswater 711
    Jan Kempdorp740

  • Out of the total 2601 allocated 1617 have been built.

  • There are incomplete houses that amount to 984. This is a result of poor performance of contractors and the shortage of funding from the department.

  • Backlog is estimated at 3400 housing units.
Challenges: Housing Provision
  • Limited budget allocations from the Housing Department. (eg. 223 Allocated, 100 for 2005 and 123 for 2006).
  • Poor performance of contractors.
  • Shortage of land for residential purposes.
  • Land under the authority of the traditional authorities.
  • Improving planning between municipalities and the Department of Housing.
  • Incomplete housing projects. (Blocked)
  • Evictions in the farming areas causing uncontrolled migration.
  • Lack of spatial planning

Usefull Contacts (Housing)

Housing Officer:

Mr Z Nikane

24 Hertzog Street
Private Bag X3

Tel: (053) 474-9700
Fax: (053) 474-1768


2004 by Phokwane Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province (Republic of South Africa)