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Refuse/Solid Waste
Refuse Removal (Solid Waste)
  • From the 61 123 population and about 74% receive the service
  • We spent 2001-2005 R1,4m budgeted R0,7m 2005/06
  • Compilation of Waste Management: R (funded by the District)
Landfill Sites
  • We have a total number of 4 sites, all with permits
Challenges: Refuse
  • Relocation, development and professional management of the landfill site in Hartswater: Study was conduct on the site viability, applied for the permit and awaiting the approval thereof.
  • Maintenance of 4 landfill sites due to insufficient equipments: Since 2002 we have been purchasing equipments per phases to date three modernized refuse truck have been purchased, one back-actor
  • Environmental awareness of our communities
  • Uncertainty in respect of the REDS
  • To render the services to rural areas i.e farming areas

2004 by Phokwane Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province (Republic of South Africa)